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Avida King, BSN, RN

Retreat Host|Reiki Practitioner|Travel Nurse|Travel Advisor|Owner of 9th House of Travel

My Story

I started out traveling to South Africa. It was my first solo and international trip. This was big because I was the first in my family to travel abroad (heck, the first to even get on a plane). My experience in South Africa was so transformative. It expanded my mind and my perspective on life. It initiated and awakened that love for travel in me. So much so, I merge travel with, my then career, nursing.

As a travel nurse, I served and healed patients in ICU units all around the US, all while traveling to over 20 countries for enlightenment and exploration.

When Covid happened, I saw and experience first hand not only the physical toll but the mental and spiritual toll it had on everyone, including myself. My spirituality and travel is what got me through those times. Its what instilled a sense of joy and appreciation for life in me.

I’m learning that as a discover and explore the world, I discover and connect more with myself and that's what I want for each and every one of you.


9th House of Travel was created to help individuals fulfill their travel dreams while pursuing and enhancing their personal well-being.

We assist in providing travel experiences filled with spiritual wellness and wonder. Explore destinations like Thailand, Bali, India, Peru and Africa.

Leave feeling enlighten, awaken and transformed.

Like the Ninth House in astrology, 9th House of Travel sets out to broaden your experiences with different cultures, religion and social structures to create lasting wanderlust memories.

Travel curated by a world explorer

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