Travel Planning Service

I work with you to understand your unique needs and use our expertise and industry connections to curate an incredible trip just for you!

To learn how my planning services work, please see below.

From breathtaking landscapes to cultural experiences, I plan it all for you!


Step 1. 30-Min Consult Call

This call is to learn about who you are and what type of travel experience you are looking for. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

✳︎ Where do you want to go?

✳︎ How many people are traveling?

✳︎ What are your preferred travel dates?

✳︎ What is your budget range?

✳︎ What is your traveling style?

Step 2. Planning & Coordination Fee

Next, I will ask you for a non-refundable Planning & Coordination Fee. This fee covers research, development of the proposal travel itinerary, bookings, managing all travel components and 24/7 support while traveling.

✳︎ Fees are based on the complexity of the trip, location and length of stay. Typical planning fee starts at $500.

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Step 3. Planning & Designing Travel Itinerary

This is where I get to work!

I will plan and coordinate with local tour guides, plan your stops and accommodations, airfare and transfers, everything that meets your needs and budget.

*I typically will have your proposed travel itinerary ready in 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the trip and will present your proposed itinerary via Zoom video (In-Person if local).

Step 4. Booking Your Trip

Once I have presented your proposed travel itinerary to you and you have approved everything, it's time to book and lock in your rates for all your travel components (airfare, accommodations, transfers, tours, etc)


✳︎ Please note that pricing and availability is subject to change until travel arrangements are booked and a deposit has been made.


Step 5. Living Your Best Life

Bon Voyage!

It's time to live your best life on your dream vacation! Off you go to make wondering traveling memories. We will stay in contact with you and remain accessible 24/7 during your trip.

Don't forget to..

✳︎ Take lots of pics!

✳︎ Have fun exploring the world!

✳︎ When you return, tell us about your amazing experience and get ready for the next trip we will curate for you!

Thank You for booking with 9th House of Travel!!

From luxury to wellness to adventure, I'll curate the perfect itinerary for you!

Our Travel Itineraries Includes

Destination's History & Background

Transporation Information

Where you will stay

What to see

Things to do

What time to be where

Point of contact prior, during, post travel

Optional add-ons

I handle every detail so you can just focus on enjoying your amazing vacation!

Let's book the best vacation you've ever had!