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Stare in the eye of a wild beast, visit an indigenous tribe village, discover the city's colonial landmarks, and let yourself be spoilt for endless entertainment by a modern metropolis: Nairobi, the safari capital of the world, is an incredibly diverse place where the vibrant city core lies a stunningly short distance away from untamed wildlife.

The City

Nairobi has a history just as diverse as the rich wildlife surrounding it. For its abundance of fertile lands, the country was colonised by the British East Africa Protectorate in the 19th century, and served as a significant hinterland for the mother country during the WWI era. However, upon its foundation in 1899, Nairobi was far from being a deserted swamp deep hidden in the mighty ridges of Kenya: settlers were soon confronted with the persistence of the indigenous Maasai people, who eventually regained the country's independence in 1963. Today, what once caused large turbulence has since transformed into peaceful coexistence, giving Nairobi a charmingly eclectic feel. This incredible diversity can be experienced all over the city. In the over 50 national parks and reserves Kenya has, flora and fauna have remained incredibly rich, and are only disturbed by goggling safari-goers. But Nairobi, once a humble depot used for the construction of the Uganda railway, has in no time developed into East Africa's major economic hub, with a steady influx of investments further adorning the city's skyscraper-rich horizon year by year.


Although Nairobi is a perfect place to base yourself for any excursion in Kenya (Serengeti National Park in Tanzania takes no longer than a one-hour flight or a few hours' drive), fact is that you don't even have to set foot out of the city to find yourself in the midst of African wilderness.

Do & See

Nairobi may be the safari capital of the world, but you'll find that there's so much more to it: learn about rich Kenyan history or the life and traditions of the bomas communities, and immerse yourself in the plenty of fun and creative activities this vibrant city has to offer.


Abundant in local and international eateries, Nairobi is the city of fresh fish, nyama choma, and hearty barbecues.


Kenya is the largest tea producer in Africa, and coffee too is taken very seriously here: no visit to Nairobi is complete without taking a cupful at one of its many eclectic café gardens.

Bars & Nightlife

With several bars open 24 hours a day, Nairobi is a city that never sleeps — be prepared that you won't either. Let the African vibe entice you and learn some mwomboko dance moves, or have a chat with locals over a Tusker.


Besides its main shopping arteries like the Moi and Kenyatta Avenues, Tom Mboya and Biashara, there are several hidden gems (and go-to places) scattered all across Nairobi, spoiling you with the best of African craftwork. Don't forget to haggle!

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